So really, since that distant time, nothing new has appeared in medical science? Appeared.

Adenotomy, one can say without exaggeration, is today the most frequent surgical operation in pediatric otorhinolaryngological practice. However, few people know that it was proposed back in the days of Emperor Nicholas I and has practically not changed at all to this day. But the effectiveness of the treatment of adenoids in this way has even deteriorated somewhat due to the too widespread prevalence of various allergies in modern children.

April 12, 2021

A lot has changed. But, unfortunately, zocor to treatment has remained purely mechanistic - the enlargement of the organ, like one and a half hundred years ago, encourages doctors to remove it.

April 12, 2021

Try to ask your doctor why this unfortunate zocor, which so interferes with nasal breathing, causes so many problems and requires surgical treatment, and even practically without anesthesia, has enlarged. I wonder what they will answer you.

March 26, 2020

Firstly, an intelligent answer to this question requires a lot of time, which a doctor does not have, and secondly, and this is very sad, information about the latest scientific developments has become practically inaccessible due to the enormous high cost. It so happened, and perhaps it is partly correct, that doctors and their patients are located, as they say, "on opposite sides of the counter." There is information for doctors, there is information for patients, in the end it turns out that doctors have their own truth, and patients have their own.

January 23, 2021